the first post…

I love the idea of starting a new blog, starting new, a clean slate.  It is so refreshing!  Anyway, since I am currently in my 26th week of pregnancy, this is probably a really unlikely time for anyone to start a exercise/running/healthy eating blog.  Well, lately I have found so many great healthy eating, exercise blogs that I decided I wanted to start a blog.  At this point, my exercise routine is very mild (walking 30 minutes 4-5 days a week and some pre-natal yoga).  After struggling with first trimester fatigue, running was very tough (and this is coming from a runner of 14 years), and I decided I wanted to give myself a break.  I’ve been in a running/training routine for so long that I wanted some time to take a break, walk, and enjoy pregnancy.  Plus, the idea of running pregnant in 90+ degrees heat/humidity in South Louisiana does not sound too appealing either. 

But, I do hope post-pregnancy to gradually get back into my running routine.  I know I will be starting from ground zero but taking care of my health is important enough to not let it just slip through the cracks.  Plus, it is such a great stress relief for me.  And I’m sure husband and baby will appreciate a calmer, healthier mommy!  It is difficult for me to anticipate (being the planner that I am) what life will be like post-pregnancy but I’m hoping that by maybe reaching out to other moms who have been through this process that I will learn and adjust!


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