post-partum fitness

Since I like to have a plan, I started reading and looking into some blogs on post-partum fitness.  I found two good blogs of moms who discuss their post-partum fitness lifestyle.  The general consensus for post-partum running is six weeks of rest for vaginal delivery and eight weeks for c-sections.

On Mama Sweat, she mentioned her post-partum fitness regime included walking and focusing on core work.  She recommended this link for core exercises which the author referred to as Sahrmann Exercises. As described on the website,

Traditional Abdominal exercises are way too strenuous on your tummy and back after having a baby.  To safely get you’re your pre pregnancy waistline back, start with these 5 exercises, developed by physical therapist, Shirley Sahrmann.  These exercises must be done progressively.  Do not move on to exercise #2 until you are able to properly perform exercise #1.  This means that you are able to hold the abdominal contraction with the basic breath, and repeat whichever particular leg action in question 20 times on each leg without arching or flattening your back.  Be patient!  It will take time to rehabilitate those abs, but within a few months your tummy will be flatter and firmer, and you’ll be back in that bikini before you know it!  Do whichever Sahrmann exercise you are currently at twice a day.

I think this sounds perfect for me! Since I have very weak abs to begin with, I think this will be a good start for me.

This week has been a very low exercise week for me.  The husband and I got back late on Sunday from our visit with our in-laws in Texas so I was pretty exhausted on Monday after heading to the grocery store to stock up on some essentials.  I have been struggling with back pain lately from sitting all day in my chair and it hurt so bad that I did not feel up to walking.  I am going to either try and go to Yoga tonight or do some light walking with the pup, affectionately know as Elvis or E-man.


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