an evening walk

So, yesterday, I decided I needed to go for my walk.  Let me say that I have been humbled by pregnancy! I have gone to churning out quick 8+ minute miles to struggling on my thirty minute walks (1.78 miles!).  Lately, I have had lots of back pain (which I attribute to my chair) and my pelvic area definitely feels sore (I’m guessing it is expanding).  Plus, with the weight of my belly, I feel like I am waddling more than walking.  But, I am determined to try and stay somewhat active during the final stretch.

Yoga has definately been a lifesaver though! After each class I attend, I feel so relaxed! All the tension in my back and shoulders seem to melt away.  Plus, the relaxation/meditation at the end is so wonderful! But with 52 days to go, I’m trying to stay positive and focused on the arrival of my bundle of joy.  I know birth and motherhood will bring a new set of challenges as well.


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