33 weeks..

So, I had my doctor’s appointment today and everything looks good!  Here are the stats:

  • Heartbeat: 138 beats/minute
  • Blood pressure: 122/66
  • Weight:  145

The baby is measuring smaller.  I went in yesterday at 32weeks and 5 days and was measuring at 31 to 31 1/2 weeks.  Nothing to be concerned about but it looks like the baby will be on the smaller side, which might make for an easier delivery!  After the appointment, the hubby and I went for a cup of coffee.  I mistakenly ordered a regular latte instead of a decaf.  After I drank it and later on I was wondering why I had so much energy when I realized it was probably all the caffeine.  But, I did get in a nice walk after the rain cooled off the 100+ heat index we have been having around here!


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