I was so close to convincing myself not to go to Yoga today but after a crazy day at work I knew Yoga is exactly what I needed to wind down after a busy day.  Plus, we have company coming in town so I know it would be hard to squeeze Yoga in this weekend. 

I love the yoga class any my teacher.  I realize how terrible stiff and inflexible I am (which seems to have worsened as my belly grows), but I still feel so much better after an hour of class.  I need to remind myself to STRETCH more often! The downward dogs and planks were particularly tough last evening but I felt so good after class!  I also managed to squeeze in a quick walk with the pup after work too!

So, as far as meals, way too many carb servings for the day but at least I was able to get lots of veggies in at lunch:

  • Breakfast:  3/4 cup oatmeal, 3/14 cup yogurt, 1 cup blueberries
  • Lunch:  Foot long veggie sub on wheat with pepper jack cheese and red wine vinegar
  • Dinner: Goldfish and peanut butter and jelly, 2 pieces of dark chocolate

I’m taking off at 1:00 to head to the doctor today.  We are getting a “growth ultrasound” so I’m anxious to see how the baby is growing.  My belly was on the smaller side last time but I seemed to have had a growth spurt the past week or so.  So, I will be surprised if she is still small.  Then, after the appointment it is off to Babies R Us to pick up some baby essentials.  Only 37 days to go (that is if she arrives on time!).


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