day four of bedrest

well, I have been on bedrest for four days now and I’m seeing that time is going to pass by very slowly over the next couple of weeks. Keith stayed home with me today and tomorrow I am going to go over to mom’s house so that I can relax over there and let Elvis play with Emma and Mackey.  Plus, he can run around the yard and enjoy being outside without me having to watch him.  Then, Wednesday morning is the appointment.  I hope to hear good news and that my fluid levels are staying up. I feel extremely lazy and thinking any fitness I had will definitely be out the window.  So, getting back in shape post baby will definately be a slow battle.  But, at least I will be well rested and ready!

At times, I get a bit nervous about the financial situation.  Keith and I have planned and budgeted for our post-baby life but I can’t help but be a bit nervous about it all.  But, I have to know that we have money in our savings and enough to cover our expenses each month.  We will need to live conservatively and I will have to stop comparing myself to what others peers have because for now we may have to sacrifice for the good of our children, knowing that in time our income will exceed our expenses.

So, I’m going to try and use this to do some reflecting, reading, and relaxing.  Hopefully, to get myself organized and ready for the baby because I know once she comes that nothing will be the same!


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