week 37 of pregnancy

well, I will be full term this Saturday! Yay.  It feels great to know that I have made it this far.  Of course, now that the doctor has ordered rest and fluids, time seems to be passing by so slowly.  As busy and hectic as work was, it was nice to have the time pass by so quickly.  But, I have tried to do just a little bit of organizing each day and then spend the rest of the day relaxing.  It is hard to do nothing all day so I figured as long as I give myself adequate rest time and keep my fluid levels up, I should be okay.

Today’s morning adventure was a trip to Sam’s.  I never go to Sam’s but it was so nice to arrive at 10:00 and be done and home by 11:00.  There is never a crowd Monday morning.  Mid-week grocery shopping is the way to go! It certainly beats trying to squeeze in grocery runs after work when I am exhausted on on the weekends when the lines and crowds are crazy!

Things have been quiet at home.  The husband and I went to a baby shower on Friday night and spent the remainder of the weekend relaxing.  I did not even leave the house on Sunday and finished up my book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan reading and watched Australia Sunday evening. Part of me really felt a bit guilty about missing church but the husband had some work to do so we took it easy and had raising Cane’s for dinner.  It has been a good two months or so since I have had Raising Cane’s.

Babywise, things seem to be fine.  She has been moving and kicking a lot lately which is so reassuring.  At our sonogram last week the tech would poke at her to get a reaction and she would kick/poke back, so cute! The tech even showed her little chubby legs! Every time we check, she is doing lots of practice breathing which is great because normally the techs have to wait to catch them “breathing.”  Such a smart little girl! The doctor informed me that I am 1 cm dilated and her head is in position for a regular delivery.  I am starting to notice more Braxton-Hicks contractions, so that is a good sign that my body is getting ready for labor.  Yay! I would like to avoid a c-section, if possible.  I go back to the doctor on Thursday so I’m looking forward to more good news.

I’m started to get a bit anxious about labor.  I’m not so much afraid of the pain but just concerned more about not knowing what to expect.  I can handle pain/discomfort but I think the fear of the unknown is worse for me.  With running, I was always able to practice and see how my body handled the stress of the mileage; however, with labor, you really don’t have a practice run.  You just show up and hope that you perform well.  I just have to pray and know that I have the strength to get through hard times and that under pressure/pain, I will endure!


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