well, this week has passed by fairly quickly.  It seems the highlight of my week has been looking forward to my doctor’s appointments and getting more news about our baby!  Yesterday, I spent the morning at home and then relaxed at my mom’s house in the afternoon.  Lots of reading, surfing the internet, and couch sitting! But, I’m trying to have a good attitude about this because I know in a few short weeks my life with be hectic and filled with many sleepless nights.  I know that it will probably be  a while before I can sit and surf the internet, read a book, or watch tv  interrupted.  Part of me feels a bit guilty for letting the housework and cooking slide, but I need to try and rest and follow the doctor’s orders.

So, while this time seems like it is dragging on, I know I will look back and be thankful for having this time to relax and recompose before our baby arrives!  Other than a few small tasks, it seems we have completed all our pre-baby to-do’s.  The nursery is complete, clothes and bedding are washed, our baby clothes and supplies have been stocked, assembled, and ready for use, batteries have been purchased, bags are packed, and meals have been frozen/prepared.  I know regardless of how much I plan and organize ahead of time, I still won’t be able to avoid the chaos, anxiety, and nervousness we might experience with the arrival of our newborn but at least it helps to have these things organized and prepared.  Now, if I could just hire a magic fairy to come and clean my house, that would be fantastic!!!  Hopefully I can convince my husband and or mom to help me out with this one!


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