Post-partum week two

Well, Olivia will be two weeks on Tuesday and so far life has been a blur of tears, joy, anxiety, frustration, and fun.  I am slowly starting to feel recovered and am dreaming about my return to running.  I’m still feeling very sore from the delivery so am going to have to plan a gradual transition back into.  Combined with the lack of sleep I expect to get over the next couple of months, my goal is to take things slow.

So far over the past couple of weeks, I have taken some nice easy 15 minute walks with the dog.  Until I recover from birth, I’m going to walk and take it easy.  I think combining this with Kegels and core work will help me transition and get back into shape.

Weight wise, I have lost 24 pounds and have 10 lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I can wear most of my normal shirts but my pants are a different story! Hopefully by gradually increasing my exercise combined with healthy eating and nursing I can ease back into shape!


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