Easing Back in…

Yesterday, I did another 30 minute run/walk (basically a modified version of the Couch to 5k).  I go to the doctor tomorrow so technically I have not been cleared to run yet but I am hoping I will get the go ahead so I can start working on my running and strength.  The biggest challenge will be finding the right time to run with my baby’s changing schedule.  My little one was up again last night so I was happy that I just had the energy to get a workout in!  Hopefully, by January I can get her on more of a schedule and start to focus on some smaller running goals (5ks, etc.).

So here are my stats from my run yesterday:

2.56 miles in 31:45 (210 calories)

  • Lap 1: 12:40 min/mile
  • Lap 2: 11:10 min/mile
  • Lap 3: 14:12 min/mile

I noticed when I  did my 90 run portion of the workout that my pace was normally between 8:30 and 9:30, which is not bad given I have not run since March.  So, I think I will be able to keep a pretty consistent running pace once I am able to start running longer intervals.


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