return to yoga

So, yesterday I did a quick 23 minute yoga video while OK was napping.  It was a beginning standing posture/warrior series so I thought that would be a good return to some core work.  It was a nice workout but I am so weak and out of shape! The downward dogs were tough but it was good to use my muscles again (for things other than lifting the stroller and car seat!),

I took OK and the dog for a walk around the neighborhood for about 10 minutes or so.  I was going to walk longer but the weather was pretty hot and muggy and the hubby did not get home until late so I hated to walk her in the heat!

Anyway, I was pretty tired yesterday from the night feeding and run so I’m glad I did not push myself too much.  I’m going to try and do one or two more runs this weekend, depending on our schedule and another strength workout.

I know my workouts pale in comparison to my marathon training days but it feels good to start getting back into the groove and hopefully slowly getting back into shape.  I know it will be more difficult now to find the time to workout but I have always managed to make it a priority so I hope to continue that pattern over the years.

Alright, off to feed little OK 🙂


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