saturday morning run

I escaped during OKs nap time for a quick morning run at the park near my house.  The cross country teams were out so I felt inspired to get back in shape.  I’m sure I will be paying for it tomorrow as I ran the old high school course with hills.  I warmed up for five minutes, did 3 minutes run, 90 seconds easy until I reached thirty minutes, and did a five minute cool down for a total of 37:22 minutes and 3.35 miles.  My average was 11:09 min/mile and 284 calories.

  • Lap 1: 11:50 min/mile
  • Lap 2: 10:14
  • Lap 3: 10:51
  • Lap 4; 12:41

My form feels pretty off and I struggled up the hills but maybe I can try and incorporate some Pilates/core work to help with my form and strength. Until then, I just hope to keep up the habit.


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