a sunday run

well, with the help of my wonderful husband, I was able to go for a nice run/walk around the gorgeous lakes.  It was a bit hot today, 80 degrees and sunny but I was just happy to be out enjoying the sun and the scenery.  I did a repeat of the Couch to 5k workout for this week.

So far, I have been tired after my runs but my knees feel better and I generally feel pretty good during my workouts.  I stopped wearing my Garmin so I’m not sure about my run pace but I figured I can worry about pace later and just focus on building up some mileage and my leg strength. I certainly feel very humbled by having to walk and run as I have always been a runner but I keep telling myself that I would rather build slowly and gradually rather than jump in and risk injury.

So, I hope to have another successful week of exercise.  The goal is to get two strength workouts and three cardio/run workouts. 


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