another monday

Well, I decided to take a rest today from running but after last night I think I needed a break.  OK was in bed by 8:00 but up at 1:30, 4:30, and 5:30 and finally rested until 7:00.  I can understand the first two feedings but by the third time I was exhausted.  I knew she was not hungry so I swaddled her and rested with her until 7ish for her next feeding.  So, the thought of doing my weights seemed a bit daunting.  However, I did manage to make it to the grocery store, do some laundry, and cook a full meal so that my hubby and I could sit down like a regular couple for dinner with the little one was napping.

Even though I did not get to exercise, I felt like it was a productive day.  Normally her napping time varies each day so I never know how much time I have to do things around the house, eat, get dressed, etc.  It seems after she wakes up from her nap to eat I have a small window of time where she is alert and happy followed by intense fussiness and me struggling to get her down for a nap to rest.  Somewhere during all of this I try to squeeze in a quick nap in the afternoon too to catch up on some rest. I try to savor this alert time though because she is so cute and happy!

Anyway, the weather is supposed to cool off tomorrow so I’m looking forward to a nice afternoon run!


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