a new journey

Well, I missed my run on Sunday because after our company left the hubby and I decided to head to Barnes and Noble for a cup of coffee while my parents watched OK.  I had every intention of running in the evening but it was a cold, gloomy day and I opted to join my parents for dinner instead. The hubby and I needed some time to talk since we have been so busy with the baby, so sometimes you have to make time for your relationships too.

Anyway, I was able to head out for a twenty minute run today.  The longest I have run since March.  I walked five minutes, ran twenty two  minutes, and walked the rest for a total of three miles in thirty minutes.  Not fast, but it felt great to run for a longer period of time. I am just hoping that the two a night feedings end soon so I can start building my mileage and improve my pace.

Today I officially resigned from my job after being on maternity leave so I am not a stay at home mom! I am looking forward to this new phase in my life and feel blessed that I am going to be able to spend this time with my daughter.  I know we will have to sacrifice financially as we will be living on a stricter budget but I feel this is the right decision for us and I want to be there to raise my daughter.

I know in our society, consumerism is huge and it is so tempting just to want to spend but I will need to learn to cut back on spending.  At times, it seems difficult to not get caught in the spending and material things but I know these things don’t make you happy.  I hope I am able to teach my daughter that people, relationships, faith, and love bring you peace and the happiness that comes from acquiring things is so temporary and fleeting.

I was reading in a book my mom bought me, The Way to Love by Anthony de Mello and he mentions that we have everything we need at any moment to be happy.  It is a choice that we choose to make. He contrasts the fleeting happiness of acquiring things, seeking power, and obtaining wealth to the constant feeling of peace and contentment you feel from doing something that you love.  He likens the pursuit of external things to a bunch of passengers on a bus who struggle on the ride to obtain the “best” front seat yet miss the beauty and the scenery of the journey along the way.  So, here is to a new journey!


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