the feast is over…for now

After a wonderful Thanksgiving feast, and several leftover turkey day meals, I’m feeling very bloated!  I did manage to get out for a twenty five minute run on Thursday and did a quick strength workout today but I don’t think that was nearly enough to counteract all the damage I did on Thanksgiving! I know my biggest enemy is all the picking I do.  If I could just focus on eating meals and not pick as much, I think I would be better off (as I eat my goldfish and type!)  I need to start a food journal just to hold myself more accountable for my snacking. 

I’m hoping to get a more consistent schedule but for now I am going to try and stick with my cardio three days  a week and strength twice per week.Today I managed to get in a quick three mile run.  Although my pace was slow, the run felt pretty good.  I ran three miles in 27:30.  I’m want to keep up my three day a week routine and gradually add one run per week for a total of four runs per week.  Scheduling time to run has been a bit sporadic but I’m hoping to be able to run after work until my husband gets very busy with his spring busy (tax season).


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