going with the flow..

It is interesting how having a baby changes your life. Just when you think you have gotten a routine down, it changes! On Monday night, Olivia woke up at 1:30 and it took me until 3:30 to finally get her back to sleep.  So, needless to say, I was pretty tired on Tuesday morning.  I managed to get out for an easy three mile run but felt tired all day on Tuesday and despite my best attempts, could not settle down enough to nap.  I had lunch at Whole Foods and a cappuccino after lunch and I was wired all day and had a hard time settling down to sleep last night. So, next time I am ordering decaf! So, I am a little tired this morning and did not make it up for my run so, if Olivia cooperates, I am going to try and do some strength training today.

Anyway, after an easy three mile run I decided to revise my running plan so that I could focus a bit more on speed.  My runs are slow and I would like to pick up the pace a bit and perhaps run a speedier 5k this spring.  Plus, sometimes I get bored with just running mileage and speed workouts seem to break them up a bit. So, starting next week, I am going to incorporate intervals and tempo runs into my running.

Also, for Lent, I have made two resolutions that I must keep! I have never successfully given up anything for lent and it is time to discipline myself.  I am giving up sweets and I want to read the Bible every day.  Life can be pretty busy with a five month  old but I think it is important for me to set aside some time to read and reflect.  I have been reading a really great book about Christian spirituality but I think it is good to read some scripture too.


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