an early morning

Miss Olivia decided she wanted to wake up a 5:30 on Saturday morning!  I wish I would have known she would be up so early or I would have gone to bed earlier last night.  We had a relaxing evening though.  After we put Olivia to bed, hubby and I watched a movie.  He rented Saw and has been wanting to watch it, so I watched it with him but hated it.  It was just a scary, disturbing movie.  Definitely not my favorite!

Anyway, to recap the rest of this week, I did a 15 minute weight workout followed by ten minutes of abs on Wednesday.  On Thursday, I ran an easy three miles.  On the agenda for this weekend is another four miler and perhaps a two miler on Sunday if I can fit it in.  The hubby has to work all weekend so I have to find time to run either before or after he heads to work.  He has only two more months of busy (tax) season, then I will have some more flexibility.  Plus, in another three months I can take Miss Olivia strolling with me in the BOB! The weather is starting to warm up just a bit more and I am dreaming of nice, spring weather when I can run in shorts and a short sleeve shirt! I know I will be missing this cool weather come July, but I am ready for it to warm up a bit.


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