Post-Baby 5k

So, I finally made it out for my first post-baby 5k.  I ran the race in 22:27 which is not particularly fast, but I felt so motivated and excited about being able to make it to a race and compete.  It was an alumni event for the boys Catholic school in Baton Rouge and ran amongst the girls who run cross country at my old high school, I amazed that it has been twelve years since I was out there competing as a high school runner.  All of a sudden thirty felt so old! Anyway, I enjoyed the race and I feel much more motivated to stay in shape and hopefully pick up the speed on my runs.  Plus, I saw an old teammate of mine from high school who had her second baby 10 weeks ago and I think I have another running buddy.  Of course, she ran a 20 minute 5k 10 weeks postpartum so I have some work to do to keep up with her but at least it will motivate me to stay running!

Other than that, the hubby and I had a nice relaxing weekend.  After the gloomy day on Saturday the weather warmed up and I was able to head out for a run in shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt. After weeks of bundling up in the cold, it felt so liberating to run in such minimal clothing and feel the warmth of the sun as I ran.  I can’t wait for Spring! I know I will complain about this when we hit the 100+ summer months but for now I am ready for some warmth and sunshine. I have a couple of fun 5ks lined up for the Spring and then come July I am going to start focusing on increasing my mileage for a fall half-marathon! By then, Miss Olivia will be able to join me for a run too in the BOB which will be perfect.  I can run AND get the baby to  nap at the same time!


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