Sleeping in…

Yay, Miss Olivia decided that she was going to sleep in today (or at least until 6:15) which is much better than the 5:20 wake up call she gave me yesterday! I was able to head out for an easy three mile run yesterday and today was my tempo run.  I was aiming for about a 7:30 pace or under but unfortunately, my Garmin died mid-run so I just ran a race pace for 2 miles, followed by a 3/4 mile cool down, totaling about 3.5 miles.  I was pretty sore from Yoga yesterday but it feels nice to run a quicker pace once in a while.  In a way, I’m kind of glad my Garmin died too because I could just focus on how I was feeling rather than the pace.  I never trained with a Garmin in high school or college and sometimes I enjoy not knowing my exact pace on runs because I don’t focus on the numbers so much.  But, the Garmin is especially helpful for intervals or long runs to keep you on the right pace.

Anyway, I’m off to my mom’s house because my mom has graciously offered to pay for her maid’s to come clean my house today.  I try desperately to clean each week but it can be tough to keep the house clean with a five month old. We have family coming in town this weekend and I was scrambling to get the house cleaned, cook, and get everything ready for our guests so now I can just focus on cooking and taking care of Miss Olivia (which is a full time job in and of itself).  The weather has warmed up a bit so I’m hoping to take her and Elvis out for a nice long walk and enjoy the sunshine!


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