settling into a routine

Now that Miss Olivia has been on solid foods for about a month now, we are settling into a nice routine where she consistently sleeps until about 6:00 or 6:15, yay! I am able to get up, feed her, and head out for a run while the hubby watches her play and gets ready for work.  Of course, once she is mobile this will require a whole new plan but for now I am happy to have a routine in place.

My in-laws were in town last weekend but I was able to go for an easy five mile run last week and fit in a couple of good workouts last week too.  My mileage is still just over fourteen miles per week but I just want to try and run consistently for four days a week and I will work on building mileage later on once the hubby is less busy with work.

Since the summers are so hot here in South Louisiana, I want to keep the mileage lower and just run consistently. But once the fall comes around, I can’t help but be tempted to want to train definitely for a half marathon or possibly another marathon. I ran my first marathon in 3:47 just under two years ago and the 3:40 Boston Qualifying time still haunts me!  I feel a bit torn about this because as a mother I want to be devoted to taking care of my child but as a runner, there is a part of me that wants to see how fast I could be.  I know training for a marathon (and particularly training to run a FAST marathon) is a huge commitment. Miles of running coupled with speed work leaves me weary at the end of the day and there is a part of me that feels a bit SELFISH for wanting this time to achieve my goals.  I think as women, we have so many roles to fill and there is a fine line between being SELFISH and SELFLESS (i.e., you need to still carve out goals and time for yourself so as to not get too lost in providing so much for others that you neglect your own goals and ambitions.)  I think the Indigo Girls were correct in saying, “There is a thin line between pleasing yourself and pleasing somebody else.”

Anyway, Miss Olivia is calling me so I better scoot 🙂


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