5k #2

Last week, I headed up to Nashville to visit my sister and family during her Spring Break and was able to get some great runs on the hills in Nashville.  The hill running must have paid off because I came home on Friday and ran a 21:11 5k  on Saturday morning.  The pace was just at 6:50 min/mile with my first and last mile around 6:48 and my second mile around 7:02.  I would love to run in the 20’s so if time and training permit. Back in college, I got my 5ks down to 19 minutes but it seems I have less time to focus on training with a baby. My goal is more to pick up some speed so that for longer training runs in the fall.

I felt pretty good about this accomplishment after being up several nights during the week with a teething baby and a 10+ hour road trip on Friday.  Now that I have some 5ks under my belt, I want to focus on keeping up some speed this spring and look into some half-marathons or marathons in the fall.  The summer is brutally hot in South Louisiana so I don’t think I will start training for any longer distances until July.  With my husband at work so much, I have a pretty small window of time to train, so I won’t start doing any longer distances until after April 15th but the race on Saturday had me itching to get out and do some more road races!


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