the routine…

Run: 5:03 miles/41:23 (8:13 pace)

I don’t seem to be very good at keeping up with a blog but with a seven month old things are busy and sometimes some things just go by the wayside….but, I have been enjoying some nice runs lately, which is always good! Lately, Miss Olivia has kept me quite busy as she seems like she has been super busy/clingy/fussy.  At one point, I took her to the doctor to make sure she did not have an ear infection because she has been so fussy and upset lately.  She did not seem to behave like this when she was teething and was constant pulling on her ears and screaming but, no, her ears our fine.  I guess I just have a really clingy baby?!?! I was reading that they tend to do this more with their parents and they get used to and comfortable with you.  Which is true because she never does this for her grandparents or sitters!

Lately, Miss Olivia has decided she wants to start the day at 5:45, which has seriously interfered with my running schedule…eek 🙂 I thought I had resolved this problem by installing shades (well, for now it is just a trash bag until I can find some room darkening shades) and she blissfully slept until 7:00.  Well, now she is up at 5:45 on the dot..or 5:47 by my watch! It is like clockwork.  I’m hoping maybe I can try and get her to bed later to get her to sleep longer but her naps are earlier, which makes this task a little tricky because by 6:30 in the evening she is fussy and exhausted.  While I don’t mind waking up at 5:45, I was really enjoying my 5:30/5:45 runs.  I could get in a nice run, have a cup of coffee, and do some reading all before the little one wakes and starts her day! This makes for a much happier mom. But, at 5:45 am, it is hard to resist this cutie! Yes, she is totally lovable!

Anyway, I went for a nice five mile run this morning! It was overcast but quite muggy.  With the temps in the upper 90s this week, things are warming up here in South Louisiana.  The unusually cold weather last winter made for a nice cool spring but the heat seems to be upon us now so it looks like it will be another nice, hot summer! Which definitely means I will need to do all my running in the morning.

Alright…off to grill out for the evening and do some relaxing on Mother’s Day!


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