to run or not…

Run:  3 miles (24:51)

My alarm went off this morning at 5:30 and I really just wanted to roll over and go back to sleep! I kept telling myself that Miss Olivia was going to wake up any minute so I may as well just rest a few more.  Well, I decided to just head out and run for an easy three miler and I’m glad I did because at 6:15 she is still sleeping AND I got to run!

Yesterday was an off day so I did Jillian Michael’s Quick Trouble Zones.  I like this because I get a really quick, effective weight session in.  I’m hoping to do more as time permits.

I’m glad I did because I have a feeling my mileage will be lower this week.  I’m heading out of town on Thursday for a wedding in Houston.  Miss Olivia has not been the best travel companion.  In fact, last time we went to Nashville she was up all hours of the night.  I guess she has just gotten used to her bed and would wake up not knowing where she is and had a hard time getting back to sleep? I’m not sure because she was also teething and the time changed so all of those factors could have messed up her sleep routine.  I’m just hoping that she sleeps well and we get some rest because if we are all in the same hotel room, it is hard to get any rest when you have a screaming baby five feet away from you.

Hopefully, I can fit in a quick run or two sometime during the weekend festivities! Regardless, it should be a nice wedding with seated dinner and dancing! We have a sitter for Olivia so hubby and I can pretend like we are on  a date.  It is a bit more difficult to get out with a baby given the fact that our budget is a bit tighter so it will be nice to get dressed for this event. The invitation says black tie so it should be a nice event.  I have never been to a wedding that is a black tie event so I’m curious to see how this turns out!

Anyway, got to get packing and ready for our road trip.  So much to pack for a baby!!


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