a tempo run

Run: 4 miles (32:33)

Today I did a four mile tempo run.  I started out easy but was tired during the one mile warm-up.  I looked down at my Garmin and it was reading about an 8:55 pace.  I wanted to run my tempo around 7:45 or so and I was thinking how hard it was for me to just run that 8:55 pace….I guess I was just tired this morning.  So, when I started the tempo on the second mille and my Garmin did not seem to budge below 7:57 pace I was thinking that I really have lost some speed! But, I was able to pick it up and ran the first mile at 7:39 and the second mile at 7:34.  Not bad for a tired day but I know I need to do more speed.  But, by the end of the second mile I was so ready to slowdown a bit.  Which got me thinking, how am I ever going to do a seven or eight mile tempo (which the marathon plan I am considering following calls for) if I can barely make it through a four mile tempo? Yikes! I guess I need to continue to do this kind of work and slowly build my mileage up to longer mileage.

Ok, on to packing and getting ready for our trip tomorrow.  Lots to do!


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