so happy to be home

We got back from Houston yesterday afternoon and I was so happy to be home! As much as I love getting away, it is challenging to travel with a baby.  She seems to have trouble napping and getting to sleep in a new place which is pretty normal for most babies but when they are up at night and out of their routine, she gets so fussy! So, the weekend was super busy visiting with friends and family so I did not get much running done but my dad and I did go for a nice 34 minute run which I am guessing is about four miles since I forgot my Garmin.  Either way, it was a nice easy run, half of which was on a sidewalk along the freeway of 610 but we did manage to find a nice park to run through as well.  We were pretty exhausted Sunday after being up late with the baby and for the wedding and I slept from 9:00 until 6:15…I was exhausted and it felt wonderful to rest…now, back to the routine!


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