is there such thing as a routine?

Cycle: 18.5 miles/45 minutes

With a new baby, I’m beginning to wonder if there is such thing as a routine? My husband and I had a nice weekend trip to Houston but Miss Olivia is not very fond of sleeping in hotel rooms and would repeatedly wake up at night and have to be rocked to sleep.  Nap time was worse as I had to pretty much feed her until she got so sleepy she would fall asleep and/or walk or take her for a ride in the car.  She has a set of lungs!  It is fine to be a little lenient on a quick road trip but when I come home, she gets used to the attention.  Last night, she woke up at 3:30 and was up until 5:00.  After several trips to her room to calm her, rock her, whatever, she finally fell asleep an hour and a half later.  Today, she was up at 5:00.   My alarm was set at 5:30 to get up for my run but she is still up screaming so I think I will be tending to the baby at 6:00 rather than run! Just when you think you have a routine/schedule, life throws you a curve ball.

Hopefully I can get her back into the routine so I can do my tempo run tomorrow morning. Anyway, since I was up a lot last night with the baby I postponed my bike ride until last evening.  I biked on the stationary bike for 45 minutes , or 18.5 miles.  I forget how boring it is to bike on the stationary bike but I was able to catch up with some TV and catch up on The Office which I missed last week.

Also, I did catch The Biggest Loser on Tuesday night (which I love), and I can’t help but question the producer’s decision to have the final four contestants train and run for a marathon in thirty days! They show the contestants cross the decision line with tears of joy but I can’t help but wonder if this is a good message to send to our country. Granted, two of the contestants walked and three of the contestants completed it in over six hours but they seem to fail to show the result of under training for a race (injuries, fatigue, etc.).  But, at 4:02 I was really impressed with Daris for his efforts!!

Alright, I need to go tend to Miss Olivia.  As much work as she is, how can you resist this face?


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