early tempo run

Run:  3 mile tempo (23:27)

Yay! I got my tempo run in.  Olivia woke up again this morning and I was dreading another 1 hour+ of a screaming baby but after giving her a quick pat and her blanket she fell back asleep! So, I was able to resume my morning run!  I did a 3 mile tempo run today.  My splits were (8:11. 7:11. and 8:00).  My goal was to run the middle mile in 7:07 but I was pretty close and given the crazy week I have had, I’m happy with that.  Plus, I felt nice and relaxed after my Yoga workout last night.  I went to the Basics class last night and it was an 1 hour and 15 minutes of basic poses and stretching.  So relaxing and perfect! I always leave Yoga feeling so calm and intune with my body and I really need to practice it more.  I bought a twenty class pass so I hope go at least once a week for the summer!

Alright, well, we have company coming in town this weekend so I need to get ready for my guests.  They are heading in Saturday afternoon so Saturday morning is going to be a yard work day for me and the hubby because our yard desperately needs some attention!


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