first revisited…

So, I started to look into the FIRST three day/week running plan and after a week or two of trying it, I have decided that I really like my daily runs.  I think the idea of adding speedwork and more focused training sessions is great but I also like the idea of building into my schedule some nice easy runs.  Plus, my stationary bike is really awful and honestly it is easier for me to do an early morning run before Miss Olivia wakes up OR opt to do an easy run w/ the BOB jogging stroller.  Speaking of which, running with the BOB is really tough.  It is a good thing I don’t live where it is really hilly because I don’t think I would make it through a run! But, I figured it will make my non-BOB runs much easier.

Anyway, my schedule was a bit off this weekend so I missed my long(er) run.  Today, I just did an easy three mile run (24:08) w/ the BOB.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


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