thankful for yoga!

Last week was kind of a crazy week.  Miss Olivia was waking up every morning at 5:30 and with the hubby working late, I opted to run with her after her breakfast with the BOB (jogging stroller!).  Ahh…running with the BOB is super tough and thankfully I don’t live in a city with a lot of hills.  But, I did manage to keep a good pace on my runs.  The heat is definitely start to creep up here in South Louisiana.  We have had several thunderstorms in the afternoon which have cooled things off but left the weather really humid and muggy.  I waited until 7:30 for my Saturday morning run and could feel the effects of the heat all day long.  I really need to focus on drinking lots of water!

Thanks to my wonderful family, I received a gift card to take some yoga classes at a local yoga studio.  I LOVE YOGA! I am actually pretty terrible at it but after years of pounding and running, I feel like my body NEEDS yoga to complement the years of running! I am terribly inflexible but I feel like YOGA is the perfect complement to running, both mentally and physically.  It is interesting how different the two practices are….YOGA is all about listening to your body, pushing your body to your edge but never past that edge or two the point of pain.  To me, running is all about pain, pushing past barriers, seeking newer challenges.  Sometimes I just want to give up on running, be kind to my body, stop all the pounding, just meditate, walk, and practice yoga.  Running however does provide me with a sense of clarity and peace that no other sport has provided but I think adding yoga to my workout regime will be so beneficial.

Anyway, I’m off to rest for a bit.  The little one is asleep and I have been up cleaning all morning and am ready for a quick cat nap. She is getting her top two teeth and has been especially fussy so momma needs a break!


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