an adjustment

Well, I realized I have not blogged in such a long time! I think I have been so frustrated/discouraged about not being able to run that I just stopped altogether. See, I was happily running/building mileage (or as much as I could with an early riser) until the dreaded heel pain began. By late June, the doctor told me I had plantar fasciitis. So, July, August, and half-September have been spent trying to rest, stretch, and ice. I would get to a point where my foot felt a bit better, try to go for a run, and the pain would come back. As much as I try to rest it, it is pretty difficult with an active one year-old who does not nap much! Needless to say, I don’t spend much time off my feet!

I have started back at work part-time too and Miss Olivia had started going to daycare about 20 hours/week. So, needless to say, my routine has changed quite significantly. Thankfully, I have had YOGA to keep me sane, along with long walks with the baby and pup!

I feel like I have handled my running hiatus really well…but as the cooler weather is around the corner, I really want to start running again. While last fall, I had high expectations of running a marathon, I think I would be happy if I could get a fun good morning runs a week and continue my Yoga practice. In a way, this absence is good because I realize that if I do lose running, I can still manage to stay sane and be happy. I have been kind of fearful of letting my love for this sport go…afraid I would gain weight, be stressed, or simply not feel fulfilled without my runs. While I do get a tinge of jealousy when I see runners out in the morning/late evening, I am thankful no for other things…a good YOGA workout, my sweet baby smiling in the morning, COFEE, GLEE, and a beautiful day spent with my family.

I go to the doctor next we’ll see what is next for my running.


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