feeling optimistic!

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday about my foot and I wish I would have gone to this doctor much sooner! He took an x-ray and their was not a bone spur but just a classic case of plantar fasciitis. He showed me some stretched to do and gave me some gel inserts to wear. After just one day of wearing the inserts my feet feel so much better. For the first time in two months, my feet did not hurt at the end of the day! I have to stay off of running for another month but with the cooler weather, Olivia sleeping later and finally adjusting to day care, life just seems so much better than last week! I guess sometimes you just have to let go and know that with children, life, etc. there are going to be rocky patches but to stay positive! So, now I am dreaming of running in this cool fall weather pain free! I know I will need to build up gradually and will be way out of shape but I think at this point I will be just happy to run and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!


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