I love Yoga!

Well, since my foot continues to bother me and I have been advised by my doctor to rest for at least the end of the month, I have found a new passion to keep me sane, YOGA!

There is a great studio near my house which provides a relaxing place for me to practive and releive some stress! I have been taking an all-level vinyasa flow class which is the perfect mix for me right now as I still consider myself a beginner. I’m not sure how some people are so able to easily slip into these poses but for me it is a challenge.  But I love it! I am thinking now that the weather has cooled off to try a HOT Yoga class soon!

Regardlees, it provided so much needed releif after a very, clingy fussy one year old! Olivia seems to be adjusting to day care; however, she has gotten extremely clingy and wants her mommy to hold her all the time! As much as I want to, after work, there are things I need to tend to around the house! I’m hoping this is just a phase that she is going through and that after she adjust things will return to a sense of normalcy (or as much normalcy as you can have with a toddler running around the house!)


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