three for three

Okay, I have completed three run/walks succesfully (e.g., I have walked/run for 20 minutes) and am still able to walk on my foot the next day! So, I think I am FINALLY ready to gradually start running again.  My goal is to SLOWLY ease back into and start off with the Couch to 5k plan, doing a workout every other day.  Running on the grass has seemed to help and now that miss OK is feeling better, I hope that life can return to somewhat of a normal routine (or as much as you can expect with a toddler)!  Here is the schedule:

I figured if I do this and keep in with my yoga, I just may be able to get back into some races by the new year! I feel cautiously optimistic about this though.  So, tonight after work, I am off to my Vinayasa Flow class at 7:30.  It feels a bit late after work and my early rising at 5:45 this morning but I feel so great after the workout! Plus, at the end of class during the “meditation” portion of the workout they put this wonderful cool, peppermint/lavender towel on your head.  I leave feeling so relaxed and refreshed!


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