the weekend begins

So, it is only Saturday at 10:00 am and I already have my weekly mileage in!  This week, I ran 12 miles and completed the first week of the novice half-marathon training and so far, so good! I was tempted to run 3 instead of the posted two this morning but I decided that I will need a shorter day and to build my mileage steady and not risk re-injury. So far, my foot has been holding up wonderfully.  Yesterday morning I got in an easy four mile run at an average of an 8:30 pace and today I ran a quicker two mile run at a 7:48 pace.  For some reason, despite the run being much harder, I always run faster on my runs with the jogging stroller.  Not sure why that is but maybe it was because the distance was shorter.  We are hosting some friends this weekend who are in town for the LSU/Ole Miss game so I met them for an early drink last night but was home early so I could be up with the little one and let my husband have I guys night.  Needless to say, I’m glad I did not stay out too late because she was up late and my hubby is still recovering! Alright, off to relax a bit before the game this afternoon.  Geaux Tigers!


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