Silence, Solitude, Simplicity

I am reading a book my mom recommended by Matthew Kelly called The Rhythm of Life.  So, far, it has been a wonderful read.  He talks about the human need to meet our spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs.  As I was reading the section on our spiritual needs, he mentioned the human need for silence, solitude, and simplicity.  He went on to discuss and quote several great thinkers that used solitude and times of silence to think and sort through challenges in their life.  As a mom to a very busy toddler, I can definitely appreciate and yearn for this!  While I used to have an early morning ritual of sipping my coffee and reading something thought spiritual, Olivia has started to rise very early.  She seems to either hear me or sense when I wake up.  So, I need to rethink my day to find some time for solitude and reflection.  It seems I spend far too much of my evening watching mindless tv or surfing the internet so I hope to find some time where I can take a break and reflect.  After all, life is getting very busy.  I want to particularly keep this in mind during the holiday season.  To keep things simple and spiritual.  I too often get caught up in the materialism of the holidays and focus so much on things I need to do or gifts I need to buy to please my family members.  But sometimes, it is more about time with others rather than fancy presents or gifts.

Anyway, despite today being a busy day at home with Olivia.  I got in an early three mile run with the jogging stroller in 24:31, so just over an 8 minute per mile, which I felt pretty good about given how tough it is to push that stroller.  This will be a busy week but I’m hoping I can carve out some time for solitude, and a few good runs!

HBBC Points for 11/22: 6 points

  • 3 mile run (3 pts)
  • 1 mile walk with dog and baby in the afternoon (1 point)
  • Cleaned 1 hour (2 pts)

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