The feast is over!

I woke up yesterday morning with a very scratchy throat and am praying that I won’t get sick! Olivia seems to have a nasty cold/cough from this weather change and of course, it was inevitable that I would get it as well. I’m hoping that I can get some good rest because the hubby and I are heading to New Orleans on Saturday. I ran cross country and track in college at Loyola and was selected to the all decade team and we are going to go for the awards ceremony and then spend an evening in the city and catch up with my old teammates. I’m looking forward to an evening out in the city. Here is the write-up on our team!

All Decade Cross Country Team

After hearing from several of my old teammates, I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic thinking about my college running days! It was such a fun time. At the time, life seemed so emotional and stressful but I have learned through my experiences as a new mom, wife, employee how much I can truly handle. I feel like I am such a stronger person since my college days! Running has taught me a lot about my inner strength, but so has life! I know I may never be as fast as my college days, but I hope I am able to continue to stay in shape, have goals, and seek new challenges!

Here is one of my favorite pictures I found on an old disk…I think this was post-regional, circa 2001:)



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