woo hoo! so glad the weekend is finally here! I’m looking forward to my trip to NOLA on Saturday and an evening out! Anyway, last night after work, despite feeling a little run down from my cold, I did ~51 minutes of Yoga.  I have yoga classes that I can take through my cable company/Exercise TV.  This one was a little slower than I am used to but I still got a good workout in and think it was better that I took it a little easier.  I slept really well last night and did an easy 3.5 mile (29:55) run this morning at approximately an 8:30 pace.  I wanted to try and take it easy this morning and save some energy for a longer run tomorrow morning.

Anyway, back to my post title.  After starting yoga, they talk a lot about balance (spiritual/physical/emotional/intellectual).  I am also reading a lot about balance in the book The Rhythm of Life.  Lately as a new mom that is juggling a part-time job and taking care of  a very active toddler, I am really finding it challenging to find time to fit everything in.  I am not the type of person that can just go…go…go, I like to be busy and active, but I also like quite time to read something uplifting or spiritual, and to just take a break and relax (which is becoming a necessity after chasing a toddler around all day). So, I guess I hope to work on finding balance…time for myself to exercise, read, rest but also time to spend with my daughter, my husband, my family, and friends.  Lately, the everyday duties seem to be taking over (cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.) but I really hope to find time to fit in all in…and to find time to rest, relax, and also enjoy life! Last night I could not help to feel like in lieu of my yoga, perhaps I should have been putting up the tree and addressing Christmas cards, but I will somehow get it all done, maybe just not today.

I can’t help but be inspired by my daughter.  She has such a happiness and enthusiasm for life that is so contagious! I can’t help but be reminded that sometimes I will have to learn to let some things go and enjoy the moments that I have, because one day I will wake up and she will be grown and with a family of her own. 


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