a plan..

So, I was up very early this am for an easy 3.5 mile this morning.  The temperature was right at freezing at 6:00 am so it was chilly but I enjoyed the cool temps!

Since I have been running for a month now and my foot seems to be holding up and I seem to have recovered or am managing my injury, I am starting to get excited about getting back into racing for 2011! January to April 15th is a really busy time of year for my husband, so we have to balance time for my training/race plans with his work schedule (which pretty much includes late nights and weekends until April).  But, I’m hoping to sneak away on Saturday mornings before he has to go to work to get my mileage/races in.  So far, I want to work on building my base for another month or so before I even attempt to do speed work.  I think I tried to build speed too fast, too soon, post-pregnancy which got me injured. 

I’m thinking I want to do some 5ks/10ks in January/Feb/March and maybe aim for a half-marathon late-April.  As much as I want to train for a February half-marathon in New Orleans, I can’t help but want to be conservative and give myself a full couple of months to build up my mileage and aim for a better race in the Spring. 

The Country Music Marathon has always been a favorite for me because I can fit in a race and see my sister and her family who are up in Nashville.  This is a great race (despite the hills!) and the half is a ton of fun! Now, I just need to find the perfect training plan that helps me fit in all my goal races for 2011!


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