a busy weekend…

whew…we had a busy weekend! Last fall, my husband and I decided that we wanted to redo our landscaping.  So, he pulled everything out of our flower beds (monkey grass, trees, and all!).  So, last weekend, my husband, dad, and grandfather spent all Saturday tilling the beds and adding new dirt so that we can plant soon! This has been a long work in process and I am ready to get some landscaping on our house! I was busy taking care of Olivia but I did manage to get a nice five mile run in during her nap, bringing my weekly total to 16.5 miles.  I have been trying to gradually build my mileage each week as to prevent a relapse of my plantar fasciitis.  Since I started back up again running in November, here has been my weekly mileage and average pace:

  • Week of November 8th: 11 miles (8:36 average pace/mile)
  • Week of November 15th: 12 miles (8:42)
  • Week of November 22nd: 12 miles (8:10)
  • Week of November 29th: 14 miles (8:11)
  • Week of December 6th: 16.5 miles (8:08)

I was tempted to run another 3+ mile run on Sunday to get 20 miles per week but it was super windy and cold.  So, I thought, why push it.  Anyway, I have run a month now and my foot seems to be handling the increase in mileage/pace okay. So, I’m thinking it might be time to add some tempo runs/speed to pick up the pace and get ready for my 10k in February! I was tempted to sign up with a training group for this race, but the training was $85 and as much as I want to have a group to run with, I could save the money for other things.  Plus, sometimes the training begins at 5:30 which is a difficult time for my husband to be home to watch Olivia while I head out to meet the group for a run.  So, I’ll be doing my training solo! Now, I just need to find a great 10k training plan.


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