family frenzy..

Workout: 4 mile tempo/31:40/7:55 avg pace

My brother and sister made into town for the holidays this week and the family frenzy has begun! We went over to my parents house Monday night to see my sister arrive and last night, we went over there after work to celebrate my dad’s 61rst birthday.  I now am off until January 4th and am looking forward to this time at home and to spend with my family. But with a toddler who has her own needs/schedule, it can be challenging to keep her on her schedule too! Last night, my husband and I came home and I was pretty tired.  For some reason, at times, family drama can be a bit exhausting.  It was around 9:15 and I told hubby I was going to read, head to bed, and get up for my run in the morning, to which he replied:

“You are going to run AGAIN tomorrow?”

Okay, so hubby is not a runner.  When we were engaged, I was bit burnout from my running so I really was not much into a running routine/schedule when we were dating/engaged/early marriage.  I just needed a break from running after four years of competing in high school and four years of competing in college.  But, now that I have hit my early 30s, have a child, part-time job outside the home and full-time job at home, I realized how much I NEED running.  As much as hubby understands this about me, he still comes from a non-runners perspective and does not quite get what running means to me.  Plus, there is a part of me that feels like I have so much I could accomplish as a runner, all the while balancing time for my family.

I have been writing this blog as a means to keep me accountable for running, jot down my thoughts, keep a record of my training, and perhaps share my thoughts with other runners but I wonder if other mom’s/wives feel this way? As much as I try to schedule my time to run around my families needs, I still always fight this little demon in my head that tells me I am SELFISH for wanting to run.  I have never been a late night person, so I’m bound to be asleep by 9:30 or 10:00 anyway. So, I figured I might as well use the morning time when everyone is asleep to do something beneficial for myself.

It is possible to be a great wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, AND athlete? right??


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