my life in pictures..

I am not really sure where I want to take this blog as I really meant to start writing it keep myself accountable for running and to perhaps connect with other blog runners.  Originally from South Louisiana, my husband and I moved to Dallas, TX for several years after we got our master’s degree to pursue our careers in Big D.  We love the freedom we had.  Great paying jobs, great city, great restaurants, and enough time in the day to pursue our hobbies…and for me, that meant running. I was able to join a local running group and meet some great runner friends to train and socialize with.

After a couple years in the city, we longed to be closer to family and to raise our on family in a smaller city. So, in 2008, we relocated to South Louisiana.  By September 2009, our first child, Olivia Kate was born.  I quit working outside the home after that and with a busy child to take care of and a husband who has a very demanding work schedule, finding time to run was more difficult, yet I became more determined to not let this part of myself go.  I need something for me!!!  We have a couple of local running groups; however, the meeting times don’t work well with our schedules, so most of my runs are solo in the wee hours of the morning before my family wakes up to start there day.  I don’t mind my morning runs and really like this time to myself.  But sometimes I do miss connecting with other runners and to share training tips, words of encouragement, and laughs! So, writing/reading other blogs has been so helpful to fill this void.

However, I find my posts to be a little routine.  And since my camera broke and I always feel silly taking pictures of myself during the day, I figured I would share some of me and my family that I have taken over the last couple of months. My goal is to take more pictures and spruce up this blog!


My husband and I on our wedding day, June 2004.


Celebrating my husband’s birthday, six years later!


Our sweet, Olivia Kate dressed up for Halloween!


Celebrating my Dad’s 60th birthday in one of my favorite cities, NOLA!


My sweet sister, mom, and I in Chicago, summer 2010.


My family, on our “pub tour” Chicago 2010!


Olivia Kate and the girls on her first birthday!


Olivia and I, Christmas 2010


My sweet sis and I, Christmas 2008


One of my favorite things in life…family and good food….Crawfish!!!


My family and nephew at his cross country meet!


Celebrating my birthday and Mardi Gras!!


Post-marathon pic with my brother in law and dad!


My awesome nephew and Dad!


Me, my dad, and sis…look, we all have double chins 🙂


Chicago with the family, summer 2010!


Olivia visiting her cousin on her first road trip to Tennessee!

Alright, today was a rest day so I’ll be up early tomorrow morning for my six mile is supposed to be chilly and in the 20s…yikes!!!


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