a day in review

So, I was reading on this blog about the idea of doing a day in the life post.  The idea is to document your day so that you can look back on your life (at this point with one child) and see how it compares with years down the road (say when we have more kiddos) which will more likely be one more than two. So, I thought this would be fun to post every now and then so I can look back and remember.  I work a full day on Tuesdays and Thursdays so here is a typical day when I am at home! This was actually my day on Wednesday but I have not had a chance to type it up until today.  I don’t normally run and do Yoga every day but Wednesday is my Yoga night so I try to have 5 days of running and at least one day of Yoga/strength!

5:30 – alarm goes off and I turn it off immediately. Olivia hears everything so I get up out of bed quickly and go to the guest bedroom on the other side of the house to get dressed/ready for my run.  I think I am one of those rare people who does not hit snooze. If I snooze more than once, I start thinking how comfy my bed is and lose all motivation to go run in the cold!

5:45 – check weather and head out for my run.  It is cold (27 degrees) but I warm up quickly and am happy to be out for a run to start my day!

6:30 – 6 mile run complete! Get back, start coffee, check facebook, check e-mail, read/comment on blogs, stretch, and enjoy my coffee/quiet time.  Here is a post-run picture.


7:15 – Olivia is still asleep so decide to jump in the shower.  She wakes up about 7:20 or so and daddy gets her out of bed and grabs her milk while I dry my hair, etc.

7:45 – Breakfast time!  Olivia is having cereal and yogurt and I am having eggs and a sandwich thin. 

Ready for breakfast!





My breakfast:


Bowl # 2 – this child loves to eat!!


8:05 – cleanup kitchen/Olivia plays

8:10 – Dress Olivia and finished getting ready (make-up, etc.), fold clothes and put up laundry.  Olivia decided she wanted to help take out the trash:


Dressed for the day…my hair is a bit crazy because my straightener died and I need to replace it pronto! Plus, who has time to really fix your hair with a toddler. I am lucky if I can get it blow-dried before she is out the door and down the halls…yes, she can open doors now…yikes!


8:45 – we head back to the kitchen while Olivia plays, colors and I start working on my daily recap!


9:10 – put on red beans for dinner.  Yes, this is early but they take a while to soak/cook and I like the idea of having more time to relax in the afternoon rather than trying to get dinner ready in the afternoon when Olivia is fussy/clingy!


9:30 – Olivia starts getting fussy.  Nap time? Fix her bottle, give her bottle, and put her down for a nap. Tidy up the house, put on some laundry, etc.

9:45 – Olivia starts fussing!

10:00 – Nap failure.  Normally I would try and get her to take a morning nap but she has been sleeping later and I think she is outgrowing the morning nap. So, I decide to let her get up and play. So, continue to do some housework in the kitchen and chat on the phone with my sister while Olivia plays.

Playing with her piggy bank!


Organizing the Tupperware!


Playing in her house!


Having a snack (apples) with mommy!



11:00 – Olivia is ready for her lunch! Potato soup and avocadoes!


Bowl # 2 – so good she had to eat every last drop!


Mom’s lunch – yes, that is a toddler spoon. I just grabbed it quickly!


Check on my red beans with sausage. This will be super yummy and warm for dinner!


11:45 – After playing a bit more after lunch, attempted nap # 2!4:

12:00 – Olivia is asleep.  I rest a bit, read, update my day, visit with my hubby while he is home at lunch (very rare for him to be home!), drink some more coffee, and relax a bit while she naps!

2:10 – Olivia is up from her nap!!  She is not happy and wants out of her crib!


2:30 – Diaper change, get Olivia up and ready and head out to run an errand/pick up a baby present for a friend.

3:15 – home and Olivia is ready for her snack!


My snack…note: I did eat a couple of other things during the day (some almonds, an apple, a perhaps sneaked some of Olivia’s goldfish and a marsh mellow).  But, this is not a food blog and who is counting my meals anyway? Certainly not me!!


4:00 – change into clothes for Yoga tonight, play peek-a-boo with Olivia, and console a fussy baby who closed her finger on the drawer when I was not looking 😦 We have some play time.  Normally, we spend a lot more time playing outside and going for a walk, but it is really cold and windy today and she is already getting over a cold, so I don’t risk getting her sick again. I do some things to get ready for work tomorrow.

Ready for Hot Yoga!


4:30 – My mom stops by a visit.  I put rice on for dinner while she and Olivia catch up,

4:43 – Olivia is hungry again!!! This child eats like a rock star.  This time she has some yogurt.

5:00 – I have my mini dinner.  On nights I have yoga, I eat a small snack before 5:30 so I am not too full for class.


5:30 – Olivia has dinner. We clean up her dinner mess.

6:00 – start bath, put on pjs.  Daddy is home.

6:15 – visit with dad, play in our house, dad eats dinner while Olivia and I read.

6:45 – time for bed, Olivia gets bottle.

7:00 – off to hot Yoga!

7:30 – Yoga class starts…my arms are pretty tired and I can’t seem to even fathom getting into some of these arm balance poses.  But, all in all, a great workout! I love the meditation/relaxation at the end of class.

8:45 – class ends, head home.

9:15 – Back at the house and stop to enjoy some king cake that hubby brought home! This was my first king cake of the season and I love Mardi Gras in South Louisiana! The carnival season began on January 6th and will run through March 9th (Mardi Gras) ending just before ash Wednesday.  Yummy…it is like a big cinnamon roll with frosting and cream cheese filling!


9:30 – take a bath to relax and clean up after sweating like a maniac in Hot Yoga!

9:45 – visit with hubby, out by 10:00


2 thoughts on “a day in review

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  2. Thanks for the glimpse into your (very busy!) day. 🙂 I think Olivia needs to teach Isaac to eat well and to go back to napping twice a day. For that matter, she could teach him to take out the trash as well!

    I have to say, I don’t know how you find the energy to do a 6 mile run that quickly at 5:30!

    You also have me dreading the day Isaac learns what doorknobs are for…
    Thanks for sharing!

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