10k plan…

Workout: 6 miles/47:54/7:59 pace

So, I have successfully built up to 20+ miles/week for a couple of weeks and my foot is holding up nicely.  I think I am ready to begin my 14+ week training plan.  I’ve registered to run the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans on April 23rd.  Between now and then, I’ve registered for a 10k test run (Mardi Gras Mambo) on February 5th and will look to run two local 5ks on March 12th (Brother Eldon 5k) and April 9th (Fat Boy 5k).

My old teammate hinted that I should run a sub 43 10k.  Considering that the last race I ran was a 21:11 5k in April 2009 and I was injured an unable to run from June 2009 to November, this seems like a lofty goal! I’m not sure if I can even run one mile in 7:00, much less 6.2!  But still, it gives me a high goal to aim for, and if I end up run 45+ that is fine too.  I just enjoy the training and the process.

So, I have a 10k plan that starts next week.  The first four weeks will work on continuing to build base mileage followed by some speed work which includes intervals and threshold runs.  While I hate the idea of going to a track and doing 400 repeats by myself, I love fartlek and tempo runs! The variety helps me to not get too bored with my training. My husbands busy (tax) season is starting to wind up. So, I’m just hoping I can manage my time to fit in my training as he works 12+ hour days and weekend 😦

But, today, I enjoyed a nice 6 mile run! The weather was warmer today so I could run in shorts and a short sleeve tv. Even better was that I was able to add all my old music to my iPod so I had a whole new set of songs to keep me going.  I ran about a mile and half on the road, and then hit the old cross country course for about 3 miles and ran on the hills on the course, then finished the rest of the run on the road. The hills add a bit more challenge to the run but I am never able to get any hills in during my morning runs and I know they help to strengthen your legs and prevent injuries.


2 thoughts on “10k plan…

  1. Thanks! I am trying to be conservative and not re injure myself! Yes, a 43 min 10k is super speedy…not sure if I can pull that time off!

  2. Looks like you are doing a great job being slow and stead with building mileage. 43 minutes?!? Girl, you are speedy to even be thinking about those numbers. Happy base building!

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