I felt like writing something different today…so, I thought I would do some fun confessions.

#1 – I have not told my husband, friends and family about this blog.  For some reason, I can share my passion for running/training/workouts with perfect strangers but not with people I know.  This probably has to do with the fact that the majority of my family thinks I am pretty crazy for getting up at 5:30 am to run and to train the way I do, so blogging about running only adds to that! But hey, I am happier running than not, and you have to nurture things you love, right?

# 2- On days that I am home with Olivia, no matter how hard I try to resist, I almost always end up napping.  I always feel slightly guility about this because the majority of the world is working while I rest. Sometimes, it is only a brief 15 minute nap, other times, it is closer to an hour.  But hey, as a parent, you are also on duty 24/7, so I give myself a break.  For some reason though, I don’t feel this need to nap when I am at work on Tues/Thursdays thus proving that being a stay at home mom is truly a tiring, but rewarding job!

# 3- I have a slight facebook addiction! I am not one to post but I love to go online and see pictures from friends and family and keep up with old/new friends.

#4 – I want to train and run another marathon and go for a BQ time but frankly I am scared about committing to such a big goal, training, and not qualifying.  I managed a 3:47 marathon time on a very hilly course with pretty sporadic training.  So, I keep telling myself that if I actually put in some quality, structure training, I could qualify.

#5 – I love to run but have mixed feelings about racing.  I think this goes back to my days where I competed in high school and college.  I put so much pressure on myself to set prs, qualify for state, nationals, etc. that part of me just wants to run for fun and not worry about times, pace, or placement. I used to tell myself before I started a race to just accept the fact that racing is going to hurt and make peace with that.  And if it does not hurt, then I probably did not try hard enough.  But just learning to accept and work through that pain always sends this waive of nervousness.

#6 – I love music and still sing in my car everywhere I go! I don’t have a great singing voice but I am so amazed with people who have musical talents.  My mom’s family is extremely musical and all her family is self taught, so I think growing up in a musical family makes you appreciate it more.  I am trying to learn to run at times without the Garmin, but there is nothing better than a run with great music!

alright, that is all I feel like writing for now.  Today is a rest/cross training day for me.  I was thinking about going to Yoga tonight but my husband has a meeting this evening so I’ll either go for an easy jog with the stroller this afternoon or just rest and run in the morning and do some cross training this weekend.  I have not had a rest day since last Saturday so I think my legs need a break today.


2 thoughts on “confessions..

  1. What a great idea – love the confessions! I think you should definitely go for a BQ – you would have to knock off 7 minutes, right? If you could get that close on minimal training you should have no problem!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging comment! I definitely don’t want a bad experience at one school to ruin it for me at the next school. I am nursing an injury right now and can’t wait to get back out there and get back in running shape.

    I too find it hard to tell people IRL about my blog. For some reason, it just seems like something very personal to be sharing with acquaintances. Maybe I am just afraid they won’t really get the fact that I enjoy running/working out/eating/training enough to write about it, and end up thinking I am a weirdo. Haha.

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