me and my shadow..

Workout: 4 miles/32:34/8:08 pace

I have to admit, getting up this morning for a run was tough. I almost talked myself out of it but decided to jump out of bed before I could convince myself to sleep in.  All in all, I was glad that I finished my run but getting up is tough.  I have a six mile run for tommorow so I’m hoping I can get myself up and moving again tommorow morning!

Anyway, I had to post/write some funny things that I love about my daughter today.  Lately, she is in the imitating face where she wants to follow and imitate everything I do.  This includes all kinds of random tasks including but not limited to:  sweeping the floor, wiping the floor/counters, brushing her teeth, putting lotion on, washing her hair, attempting to blow her noise, wanting to borrow my makeup brushes so that she can put on makeup (she just holds the brush), but it is so cute! It is all these sweet things that she is doing and learning every day that make me smile.  I don’t want to forget all these small details. I can’t help but laugh at her funny ways and my heart melts with her sweet hugs and smiles!

Sweeping the floor!

Sweet girl!


One thought on “me and my shadow..

  1. I am exactly the same way as you – never reading blog updates on people’s actual blogs, just on the phone or through google reader. THerefore, I am the worst commenter EVER! But seriously, your girl is cuuuute! I love that white tiered shirt/dress. So darling.

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