getting the funk out…

So, I wanted to get up for a run Friday morning but did not sleep well at all so when the alarm went off on Friday morning, I hit snooze and slept in.  Well, if you count 6:30 as sleeping in…which sadly sounds late these days!  I was having a funky/groggy day and I remembered the great cd my sister made which she lovingly entitled “music to get the funk out.”  Because sometimes when you are having a crazy day with kids, life feels a little busy, and you feel overwhelmed, you need a little music to get the funk out.  So, thanks to my wonderful sweet sister for this awesome cd/playlist that I thought I would share. After a few songs on this cd, I was feeling better about my day and even managed to get an afternoon run in when my stopped by for a visit.  It is a pretty random mix of music but I love this cd and my sweet sister for making it for me.

  1. There’s Hope – India Arie
  2. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Diana Ross
  3. Lady Fingers – Luscious Jackson
  4. I Feel it All – Feist
  5. Big Wheel – Tori Amos
  6. Better – Reginal Spektor
  7. Coming Out
  8. Do It – Nelly Furtado
  9. B’day – Beyonce
  10. Do You Realize – The Flaming Lips
  11. Float On – Modest Mouse
  12. Workout it Out – Jurassic 5 featuring Dave Matthews Band
  13. Little Less Conversation – Elvis
  14. I’m Looking Through You – The Beatles
  15. Home – Marc Broussard
  16. Juicy – Better Than Ezra
  17. India Arie
  18. Seasons of Love – Rent Soundtrack
  19. Sugar, Sugar – Archies

Anyway, I got in a quick four miler yesterday and an eight miler this morning so I am done for the week, totaling 26 miles.  Here is my week in training.

  • Monday – 5 miles/41/8:13 average pace
  • Tuesday – 5 miles/41/8:14 average pace
  • Wednesday – off
  • Thursday – 4 miles/33/8:08 pace
  • Friday – 4 miles/31/7:43 average pace
  • Saturday – 8 miles/1:07/8:22 average pace (8:18, 8:19, 8:14, 8:17, 8:30, 8:20)

I realized the last time I ran 26 miles/week, I was training for a marathon.  I also realized that the only time my mileage got over 30 miles/week for the marathon training was the week when I did my 20 miler and the week I ran the marathon.  Not sure how I survived the race with such little training but next time I tackle the marathon, I am definitely going to increase my mileage and do some fartlek/tempo/speed work!

Alright, off to relax before date night with my hubby 🙂 My parents brought by some king cake so I am going to have a slice.  King Cakes start coming out on January 6th (the 12th night of Christmas) and since Mardi Gras is not until March 9th, this is going to be a long Mardi Gras/king cake season….woo hoo! I love living in South Louisiana during carnival time.


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