thoughts on turning 31…

Workout: 4 miles (Garmin died mid-run so not sure about pace).

I turned 31 yesterday and despite having to go to work for a couple of hours, had a lovely birthday.  My husband and I celebrated my birthday last weekend over dinner and drinks, so yesterday was low-key but nice.

I got to enjoy coffee with my mom and had a date at the park with my favorite girl.

After her dinner our little one went to sleep and my husband and I enjoyed takeout sushi and some Mad Men.  My husband I are currently on Season 4 and catching up before they start up again this summer.  Best drama show on tv!

Everyone kept asking me how I felt about turning 31 and honestly, I felt pretty good about it.  I felt like my twenties were spent trying to figure out who I was (and sometimes trying to be someone I was not) while my thirties, I am know who I am and where I want to go.  My early twenties were spent finishing up undergraduate and my master’s degree, marriage, and settling into a demanding career at a consulting firm that was full of long hours, extended travel/work trips, business lunches, and lots of time in front of my laptop. It made it very difficult to fit into time for training with my job, which felt like it was 24/7.  After stepping away from that career into a more rewarding part time job at a university and moving home closer to family, I have more time to focus on family, friends, and of course, fitness (running!). I have this image of the woman I want to be and I feel like I have lots to work on. But that image of who I am and where I want to be is much more clear now. Knowing who I am and where I want to go helps me to look at my goals for the future and turn them into reality.

Alright, not to sound to hokey/corny but I just recently finished a book called The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly which has lots of insights into living your best life. So, this is fresh in my mind as I realize that I will blink and be forty before I know.  I know some motivational books a little boring/simplistic to read, but this was easy to read and insightful.



2 thoughts on “thoughts on turning 31…

  1. thanks for the birthday wishes and the sweet comment! Your blog keeps me motivated to get up for those early morning runs!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!!! K, Madmen and sushi…best night ever. Your little girl is the cutest thing in the world!! You are such an inspiration to me and thank you so much for the sweet comment you left for me, you made my day:)

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