going a little stir crazy?

So, between the cold weather and feeling sick, I have been staying inside and resting a lot.  With the exception of going to work yesterday, I have not left the house that much and have not run since Tuesday…eek!  No runs, staying inside all day with a toddler, and gray, cold, gloomy weather = one stir crazy mom and toddler!

Let’s just say it is really challenging keeping my little one occupied all day! She loves to be out and about, which makes me realize that I am going to need to come up with some more creative ideas to keep this little one busy. I did try to turn on a dvd to see if I could get her to relax and watch a Disney DVD but that was not happening.  While I am happy that my toddler is the creative, active, curious thing that she is and does not care to sit like a zombie in the front of the tv, I would not mind for just maybe thirty minutes of peace while she is up.  However, she seems to be more interested in getting into anything and everything! Who knew that sorting and rearranging the Tupperware drawer or seeing if she could load her alphabet letters into the dishwasher could be so exciting? Ah, she keeps me laughing and on my toes!

But, we did make it out for a quick trip with my mom to Big Lots.  She loved the bunny ears so I had to purchase a early easter present. She absolutely hates to wear bows or hats but loved the  bunny ears/headband!

But the good news is, as nervous as I am about racing. I am so excited that we are going to have COOL but SUNNY weather tomorrow  and I’m so excited about getting out for a run/race!! Happy Friday everyone!!!


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