is it spring yet?!?

I know I really have no room to complain as our weather is incredibly mild in South Louisiana but given the fact that a gym membership is not in this mommy’s budget, I have been doing all of my runs in the cold, windy weather! I think I have finally recovered from this awful cold that plagued me all last week but my mileage has suffered.

To recap, my training last week:

  • Monday: 4 miles
  • Tuesday: 4 miles
  • Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: off/sick
  • Saturday: 10k race + 3 mile warm-up/cool down, totaling 9 miles
  • Sunday: 3.75 miles easy

Total: 21 miles

Ideally, I was hoping to be in the 27+ mileage range last week and with this lingering cold, the cold weather, and some early morning appointments I have had, this week’s mileage is not looking much better. But, I am trying not to be too hard on myself if my training does not go as planned.  I have to remind myself to be thankful and grateful for all the freedoms I am granted, and not get too focused on “detours” in my plan as a result of my busy life/schedule.

Yesterday, I did my first attempt at a speed workout. I woke up yesterday still feeling a little under the weather Wednesday but wanted to try the workout and see how it went.

  • 2 miles easy
  • 5×30 sec pickups @ 1500 pace with 2.5 minutes active recovery
  • 2 miles easy

I loved doing the pickups as it add some variety to my run and ended up running 5.5 miles in 45 minutes (8:10 pace). I made the mistake of not resetting my Garmin screen to show the current pace versus the average pace so I was not sure about my pace on the pickups but I just focused on running a quick, steady pace.  My run was slower overall because I was still feeling a bit fatigued and was conservative on the cool down/recovery portion of the workout.  Overall though, I was happy to get my workout in!

I have been struggling a bit the past two weeks as the only time I can seem to fit in a run is at 5:30 before my daughter wakes up and my husband is off to work.  This is going to be my reality for my mid-week runs until April I really enjoy my runs in the morning and this time for myself but there is something nice about being part of a running group/community to support you in your goals.  After April 15th, I hope to start running with a local group at least once a week.

Ok, enough complaining for now! I will get out there and do my early morning run, even if it means running in the 26 degree weather…yikes!


2 thoughts on “is it spring yet?!?

  1. Treadmill: i stalked craigslist for a good 2 months, lost out on a few, and then we were driving home from church and I was checking on my phone (husband was driving), and just 10 minutes prior a garage sale had been posted w/ a treadmill for $40. I called and asked him to hold it for me, while we drove home, unloaded kids and carseats, then my husband went to get it. We figured if it would last at least 1 month, we broke even on the cost of a gym membership for a month. Now it’s 12 months later and still going. Not a nice model, but works and I get my runs in! I am a huge craigslist fan!

    • I am definitely on the look out for a treadmill as it would be nice to get in a run during nap time some days or in the evening when the little one is in bed but my husband is still at work! Craigslist is the best though!! It sounds like you got a great steal. And hey, for $40 bucks, if it only lasts a year and saves you the cost of a gym, it is totally worth the money!!

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